“The Brilliant Jewel in the Crown of Iowa"

“The Brilliant Jewel in the Crown of Iowa"
May you find God’s amazing grace, mercy
and peace as you worship with us today.
Members & Visitors, please add your name to the Friendship Register as it is passed along in each pew during the Rite of Friendship. Visitors, please add your address and home church; if we can be of service to you, please speak with the pastor or a deacon after the service. Thank you for visiting!
Holy Communion will be distributed in our service today to members of St. Paul and other Lutheran Church Missouri Synod congregations. Visitors wishing to commune are encouraged to speak to the pastor before the service.
   Those communing are asked to register for communion as they sign the Friendship Register during the Rite of Friendship. Please provide contact information, including cell number and e-mail, if those have changed.
   Visitors, please add your address and home church; if we can be of service to you, please speak with the pastor or a deacon after the service. Thank you for visiting!
May the Lord strengthen us through the Sacrament of the Altar.
The Radio Broadcast of our service may be heard Sundays at 12:30 p.m. over KIOW-FM 107.3, Forest City. Today’s broadcast is sponsored by the Harvey Mitchell Radio Ministry Fund of St. Paul’s Foundation. If you would like to sponsor a broadcast (it’s $50), please sign the 2014 Sponsor Sheet on the Narthex bulletin board.
Please join us for the meal served from 5:00 to 5:45 pm
prior to the service.
Just so you know, there will be no Sunday School classes held on Sunday, December 28.
For Comfort, Strength and Healing:
Adam Boge Arlene Jass Elwyn Rockow
Robin Coan Emilyn Kitner Leah Rohlf
Carole Dodd Linda Lillebo Juanita Stromer
Robert Farris Vallie Martin Kathy Thiele
John Haugen Aaron Nedved Dan Trampel
Deb Haugen Lavonne Prescott Brooke Waddingham
Marilyn Hayes Dale Roberts Donna Zerke
Members and Friends Serving in the Military:
Members: Corey Alden, Bill Barnett, Cody Farris, Brad Kozisek, Jarod Lemke, Adam Stenberg, Jade Wilson
Friends: Matt Barton, Bryce Cherryholmes, Kelly Vedane Finn, Bradley Hauptmann, James J. Sperr, Jacob Sperr, Dennis Spilman, Zach Thompson
Christmas Program Practice during Sunday School.
       Church Directory Pictures of the Hope and Rebekah Circles.
       Concert at Prairie View at 6:00
Opportunities this week:
TODAY:         Bell Choir, Christmas Program Practice, Church Directory Pictures (LWML Circles), Concert at Prairie View
Monday:       LWML Board Meeting, Foundation Annual Meeting
Tuesday:        Little Lambs Christmas Program, AA
Wednesday:  Christian Ed Meals & Classes, Bell Choir,
Advent Service, Senior Choir
Thursday:      Concord Bingo, Al-Anon
Saturday:       Christmas Program Practice
Senior Choir meets TODAY at Cataldo’s at 4:15 pm to carpool for caroling in Klemme; Concord Care @ 5 pm; Cardinal Grove @ 5:30 pm. The Senior Choir, Soloists and Bell Choir will present a concert at Prairie View at 6:00 pm. The public is cordially invited to attend. All the participants and their spouses are invited to Cataldo's at 7:15 pm for our annual Christmas Party.
St Paul Foundation Annual Meeting, Monday, December 15, 7:00 p.
Piano Students are invited to play religious prelude music on Sunday, December 21, for the 6:00 pm Children’s Christmas Program. Please provide the title of your selection to Bev Cataldo, 923-2842 or bevcataldo@gmail.com, by Monday, December 15.
Wednesday, December 17:
Small Group-Bell Choir at 6 pm.
Senior Choir & Small Group Bell Choir at 7:40 pm.
Duncan Heights: Donations are being requested to help purchase a Christmas gift for each resident. Please send your donation to Duncan Heights Christmas Fund, 1465 Highway 18, Garner, IA 50438. Your prayers and support for this organization is greatly appreciated.
Are you interested in mission work? Do you enjoy serving others? Do you want to get involved but don’t know how? The goal of the Mission Team is to provide resources and opportunities for people to spread God’s word in the city, state, country and world. Anyone interested in planning for the mission opportunities of the church, please contact Barb Kozisek (812) 525-9464 or Rachel Weinhold (816) 262-6435.
WANTED: Just One Hour as an aide on the Preschool Van. Call the office 641-923-2261 if you can assist.
Check out The Resource Center, a Christian Multi-Media lending Library, located at 630 US Highway 18 E in Clear Lake. Brochures for The Resource Center may be found on the bulletin board.
Please keep us informed. Sunday bulletin announcements are due by noon on Thursdays. Also, please provide new contact information if you have moved or have a new phone number.
HELP WANTED: during Little Lambs Preschool Program on December 16 for “child control”. Please contact the office if you can assist.
Christmas Eve Candlelight Service, Wednesday, December 24 at 7:00 pm.
Christmas Day Service, Thursday, December 25, at 9:00 am.
December 14 A “Life Quote” from Lutherans For Life “In the Christmas story, God descends to reascend. He comes down … down to the very roots and sea bed of the Nature He has created. But He goes down to come up again and bring the whole ruined world up with Him.” C.S. Lewis, from “Miracles” – A “Life Quote” from Lutherans For Life · www.lutheransforlife.org
To the Women of St. Paul:
   The 2015 Program Booklets will be mailed to you in December. Service group names are listed as well as the LWML yearly program schedule and the various committees and schedules.
   Please join us! Starting in January, Hope Circle meets the first Monday morning of the month and Rebekah Circle meets the second Monday evening of the month. Watch the calendar and bulletins throughout the year for time and place.
IF:Gathering Simulcast Saturday, February 7, from 8-4:30 pm at the Avery Theater. “We exist to gather, equip and unleash the next generation of women to live out their purposes.” Register at ifgathering.com/gatherings/9494. For details contact Mary Graham, 641-512-6589, m4grahamcracker@yahoo.com. No cost to attend (freewill offering for the simulcast). Seeking sponsorship for food and materials for the attendees. www.ifgathering.com
CHRISTIAN EDUCATION: Just a reminder to 8th grade parents that during the week your student is scheduled to acolyte, a parent is to attend their midweek Christian Education class.
Habitat for Humanity: Helpers wanted for home repairs this week – M-W, December 15-16-17 at 575 Bush. 9 am to 5 pm. Any questions, call John Rohlf 641-923-3437.
Serving in the Lord’s House Today—December 14, 2014
Organist: Liz Waddingham
Greeters Adam & Emily Boge
Acolytes Macey Spilman, Jordan Upmeyer
Deacons: Dan Rud, Don Purcell, Al Luppen
Ushers: Doug Hayes, Steven Loschen,
John Rohlf, David Rosendahl
Courtesy Driver: Gar Grote, 641-923-4100
Bell Choir Director: Bev Cataldo
Acolyte “On Deck” Schedule:
December 21 – Nicole Upmeyer, Daren Barnett
December 28 – Matthew Barickman, Cole Dakin
January 04 – Amanda Bierle, Landon Dalbeck
January 11 – Katie Boehnke, Mykenzie Darg
Worship Attendance Sunday, December 07-223 (156 communed)